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What is shift your think?

Community. Strategy. Acceleration for Organizations.

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How it began

"It all started with a trip to the emergency room"

-LaDAwn Townsend, CEO & Founder
Meet our founder

I’m LaDawn Townsend. I help leaders transform organizations.

I was an Executive in Corporate America for over twenty years.

And, then the day I was carried out of my office on a stretcher and into an Ambulance everything changed for me. 

I had a decision to make. 

It was time to redefine what it meant to be a leader. 

The reality became even more real as I laid on the Emergency Room bed hooked up to machines that monitored my vitals, all humming along like a finely tuned orchestra, all I thought to myself was “this is not the career I signed up for”

And, where do I go from here …

United Nations, Geneva Switzerland

Don't just think outside the box. Create an entirely new one...

What we believe

People transform organizations

Organizations that want to make an impact on the industry have a people - oriented culture that drives continuous profitability

Given the room to do so, the training and opportunity leaders can transform an organization

To build a deep and wide client base requires you to be an expert at addressing the unspoken need

We believe in building long-term relationships not just transactions

Client Testimonial
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Liz Whitaker, CFO, T. Whitaker Company
Private Client

How we help

Strategy from experts with first hand experience

Shift Your Think provides strategy and community for Senior Executives ranging from:

-Small Business

-Mid Market Companies

-Public Sector Organizations

-Executive Women Leadership 

The expert support is provided over 12-months through a blend of virtual group strategy sessions, peer masterminds, on-demand learning, and live events. 



What Clients Are Saying

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Amanda Abella, CEO, Make Money Your Honey
Private Client

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Ben & Samantha Lagasse, Founders, Acadian Lawn Care
Private Client